When you’re needing a good, clean place to stay at Harlan County Reservoir Lake, look no more… you’ve come to the right place, at Blue Sky Cabins!
Meet Owners- Steve & Debby


Steve and Debby Dornhoff will make your experience at Blue Sky Cabins one you’ll fondly remember for years. Beautiful sunsets, friendly people, and excellent lakeside experiences all add up to exciting, relaxing, and most of all, a fun and enjoyable stay at Blue Sky Cabins. The Harlan County Reservoir is well known for Neb-

Reservations & Rentals

Blue Sky Cabins offers Kitchenettes and Cabin stays for 4 - 6 persons with full amenities to bring comfort and convenience to your stay. 


Need a rental during your stay? Check into our Pontoon, Golf Cart or Canoe rentals available for guests and Non-Guests.


Harlan County Reservoir      Nebraska